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Bombing Fishing superace88

With our Bombing Fishing Game Review, you will be taken on a gaming adventure. SuperAce88 is committed to enhancing your gaming experience by providing an exciting collection of games catered to various preferences. Our dedication to delight ensures a personalised experience. It has interesting incentives and bonuses and a wide range of gaming options. Sign up on SuperAce88 to explore the world of majestic fishing and amazing Slot Games.

What is Bombing Fishing?

What is Bombing Fishing superace88

Bombing Fishing is an exciting online fishing shooting game on the SuperAce88 platform. With each cast, it ensures gamers a thrilling gaming experience. The game takes you on a thrilling trip full of fast-paced action and strategic elements. Mesmerising images boost gameplay, capturing gamers’ attention with exploding graphics. Bombing Fishing offers considerable prizes, including valuable combos and fascinating awards. Its user-friendly design makes navigating simple. In addition, it offers seamless mobile compatibility and allows the excitement to follow you wherever you go. SuperAce88’s Bombing Fishing is an excellent pick. This provides an intriguing and rewarding online gaming experience on the SuperAce88 App.

How to Play Bombing Fishing?

How to Play Bombing Fishing superace88

Here is a detailed guide to explain the ins and outs of the Bombing Fishing game. 

Picking the Right Gaming Room

  • Joy Hall (Immortal Ocean King)
  • Regal Hall (Free Nuclear Bomb)
  • Golden Hall (Bonus Game up to 1200X!)

Special Fish Symbol Payout

  • Drill Bit Lobster: Once you kill this fish, it will penetrate through the other fishes and explode. The total number of fish killed in this process will be summed as the final multiplier. 
  • Serial Bomb Crab: Killing the Super Bomb Crab will activate area attacks. This gives the player a chance to catch fish within the radius of the blast. 

Special Weapon

Use the Golden Bomb to deduct the bet 30 times. This will cause a small explosion in the fishing ground with a stellar chance to kill any fish. 

Deep Sea Fish Symbol Payout

  • 12x
  • 13x
  • 14x
  • 15x


Click on the Torpedo to activate the torpedo launcher. Then, select a large fish on the screen to attack. Every shot deducts the bet times 10.

Immortal Boss

These immortal bosses give the player a chance to win prizes consistently until the boss leaves.

  • Golden Toad
  • Lobster King

Immortal Ocean King Multiplier Puffer

Get your hands on these multiplier puffer fish as shooting them gives players bigger rewards and prizes.

  • Small Puffer
  • Medium Puffer
  • Large Puffer

Awaken Boss

Killing Ocean Kings gives the player a chance to activate Power-Ups that rewards you with higher multiplier prizes.

Bounty Game

When the player gets hold of a bounty crab, the player can roll a die that wll trigger the Bounty Game. You get multiple free laser charges in the Bounty Game. Get rewards up to 1200 times. 

Free Nuclear Bomb

Blast _ Cast Mastery Explosive Wins in Bombing Fishing with These Pro Tips! superace88

As a powerful strike, players have the thrilling option of releasing a Free Nuclear Bomb. Players gain energy over time by firing in the game. When the energy meter reaches zero, they can click the designated button to unleash a catastrophic nuclear weapon on a variety of targets. The bet ratio is used to convert the energy meter, ensuring that the delivery of free Nuclear Bombs is proportional to the player’s stake at the time. It’s worth noting that if a player exits the game or loses connection, the stored energy will be removed after three minutes. Furthermore, to prevent energy from remaining unused, the system will automatically unleash the Free Nuclear Bomb if the energy meter remains full for three minutes.

Pay Table

Let us have a look at the payout for different fish.

General Fish Symbol Payout

  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 4x
  • 5x
  • 6x
  • 7x
  • 8x
  • 9x
  • 10x
  • 11x
  • 13x
  • 15x
  • 20x
  • 25x
  • 30x

Golden Fish

  • Golden Clown Fish: 35x
  • Golden Manta Ray: 40x
  • Golden Shark: 45x

Functional Fish

  • Thunder Consecutive: 50-70x
  • Serial Bomb Crab: 60-80x
  • Drill Bit Lobster: 20-80x

Immortal Boss

  • Multiplier Puffer: 20-100x
  • Golden Toad: 70-120x
  • Lobster King: 90-150x

Awaken Boss

  • Crystal Crab: 80-120x (Basic Multiplier is 20, power up attack is x4-x10)
  • Fortune Turtle:100-250x (Basic Multiplier is 25, power up attack is x4-x10)
  • Golden Dragon: 140-350x (Basic Multiplier is 35, power up attack is x4-x10)
  • Bounty Game: Joy Hall (10-30x/200-600x)
  • Regal Hall & Golden Hall (10-45x/200-1200x)


By firing in the game, players gain energy. When the energy metre reaches zero, they can detonate a Free Nuclear Bomb, inflicting massive devastation. The potency of the bomb is decided by the player’s bet ratio at the time.

If a player leaves the game or loses connectivity, the saved energy will be erased after three minutes to ensure that no advantage is gained.

Killing Ocean Kings in the Awaken Boss stage activates Power-Ups, which grant players larger multiplier prizes.

When utilised, the Golden Bomb deducts the bet 30 times, generating a small explosion in the fishing area and an amazing opportunity to catch fish.


Bombing Fishing on SuperAce88 is an exciting gaming adventure! This engaging online fishing shooting game combines action and strategy. Players may expect an adrenaline experience with distinctive fish symbols, unique weaponry like the Golden Bomb and Torpedo, and fights with Immortal Bosses. The game’s user-friendly design, smooth mobile compatibility, and interesting features set it apart. Don’t pass up the opportunity to explore the deep sea and win big with SuperAce88’s Bombing Fishing!

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