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With our Mega Fishing Game Review, you can go on an amazing gaming adventure. At SuperAce88, we are committed to improving your gaming experience. Our mission is to bring delight into every moment. This is why here we are with another shooting game.

Mega Fishing Explained

mega fishing superace88

Mega Fishing is an exciting online fish shooting game that is offered on the SuperAce88 App. Each cast is a voyage loaded with intrigue, action, and strategic components. It provides players with an amazing gaming experience. Mesmerising visuals complement the action. This gives a riveting experience with each reel spin. Mega Fishing ensures excitement with numerous lucrative combinations and exciting awards. Its user-friendly design makes navigating easier. Mega Fishing on SuperAce88 is a fantastic option that offers a pleasant online gaming experience.

How to Play Mega Fishing? Learn in Under 5 Seconds!

superace88 How to Play Mega Fishing_ Learn in Under 5 Seconds!

If you are a beginner and do not know how to proceed with playing Mega Fishing, this guide is for you! We bet this guide will help you learn this Fisher Game in under 5 minutes.

Understanding the Game Concepts

Mega Fishing integrates simple game concepts to improve your play experience:

  • Target Control (Auto Shoot): Say goodbye to manually shooting each fish. Mega Fishing includes an auto-shoot technology that automatically targets and shoots at swimming fish. This helps you to concentrate on making strategic judgements rather than handling individual shots.
  • Weapon Selection: Improve your chances by selecting from a range of weapons.

Bet Adjustment

Tailor your bet to your risk tolerance. Strike a balance between prospective prizes and available resources for a long-lasting and engaging gameplay experience.

Choosing a Bet and Pay lines

Follow these procedures before venturing into the undersea world of Mega Fishing:

  • Investigate Bet possibilities: Mega Fishing has a variety of betting possibilities to accommodate players with varying budgets.

Select Your Game Room

  • Newbie Room (Bet Range: 0.1 to 10): Ideal for novices to become acquainted with the game mechanics.
  • Honour Room (Bet Range: 1 to 100): For those looking for more difficulties and potential rewards.
  • Joy Room (Bet Range: 0.1 to 50): The most popular room, balancing accessibility, and reward.

Choose your desired game room based on your skill level and financial constraints. Prepare for a thrilling undersea journey filled with big winnings!

Huge Features of SuperAce88 Mega Fishing

Huge Features of SuperAce88 Mega Fishing

There are plenty of special features that give you an edge in this fishing game. Let us explore them. If you love playing slots, then check out our Slot Game Offerings.


Suppose you kill a starfish. Once it dies, it creates a whirlpool effect and kills more fish trapped in it.

Bomb Crab

The Bomb Crab is a cunning foe. When it dies, it drops three explosive explosives on the stage. These bombs can kill any fish caught in the aftermath of the explosions, giving you an explosive advantage.

Drill Crab

The Drill Crab adds an interesting touch to the game. When it reaches its conclusion, it dumps an amiable drill onto the stage. The drill bounces around and finally bursts, potentially killing any fish trapped in its path.

Special Weapon – Torpedo

Happy Fishing introduces the Torpedo for those looking for a high-stakes strategy. Torpedoes cost six times the amount gambled, but they considerably increase your chances of catching valuable fish. It is a smart move for individuals looking for significant returns.

Special Weapon – Railgun

Discover the railgun that costs 15x the overall bet amount. Once you kill a fish with the railgun, it causes chain lightning.

Free Thunderbolt

When you shoot, you accumulate energy. Click the button to activate the thunderbolt that causes a large attack. If you leave the game or stay disconnected, the energy will be cleared.

Giant Prize Fish – Get 5X Super Prize Chance

Special fish hold the secret to incredible rewards in the world of Happy Fishing. Players can win consecutively after capturing one of these elusive monsters. With each succeeding win, the opportunity of claiming a 5X super reward becomes more exciting.

Immortal Boss Battles

Keep an eye out for the Immortal Boss. When this strong opponent reaches the stage, smart fishermen can consistently gain prizes by attacking it mercilessly until it departs. It will put your gaming skills and perseverance to the test.

Awakened Boss

After killing the Giant Crocodile, it causes an attacking stage. This gives you a chance to kill more fish.

Mega Octopus Wheel

You will enter a new chapter of excitement after fighting the Mega Octopus. If you are lucky enough to land on the “Golden Wheel,” get ready for a thrilling ride. This fantastic opportunity can result in a whopping 950x multiplier, paving the path for massive winnings.

Know More About Normal Fish Symbol Payout

Know More About Normal Fish Symbol Payout superace88
  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 4x
  • 5x
  • 6x
  • 7x
  • 8x
  • 10x
  • 12x
  • 15x
  • 20x
  • 25x

Golden Goldfish Symbol Payout

  • Golden Goldfish: 40x
  • Golden Clownfish: 45x
  • Golden Jellyfish: 50x
  • Golden Manta Ray: 55x
  • Giant Prize Fish: Get a Chance to Win 5x Super Prize
  • Huge Clownfish: 20-25x becomes 100-125x
  • Huge Angelfish: 25-30x becomes 125-150x
  • Huge Pufferfish: 30-35x becomes 150-175x

Special Fish Payout

  • Starfish: 60x
  • Bomb Crab: 70x
  • Drill Crab: 20-80x
  • Immortal Boss: Jaws: 60-120x
  • Immortal Boss Gem Turtle: 50,60,70x becomes 400, 480 560x.
  • Awakened Boss: Giant Crocodile: 150-600x
  • Immortal Beasts: Mega Octopus: 100-950x

Our Opinions: Mega Fishing vs. Happy Fishing

Our Opinions_ Mega Fishing vs. Happy Fishing superace88

Mega Ace emerges as the superior choice in the fish shooting game genre. Unlike Happy Fishing, Mega Ace allows users to customise their gaming environment based on their tastes and skill levels. This independence is critical who can choose rooms that are comfortable for them. This provides a balanced gameplay experience. The ability to choose a room creates a more inclusive environment. It gives gamers more choices in their gaming experience. Mega Ace’s dedication to player agency positions it as the best choice for anyone looking for a personalised fish shooting experience.


Mega Fishing’s auto-shoot feature allows you to repeatedly fire at fish without manually clicking. Simply hover over the target and let the game’s auto-shoot feature take over.

Mega Fishing has three different gaming rooms: the Newbie Room, the Honour Room, and the Joy Room. Each area has multiple bet ranges and payouts to accommodate players with varying tastes and experience levels. The Newbie Room is designed for beginners, while the Honour Room and Joy Room are for more experienced players looking for new challenges.

The Mega Octopus Wheel is a bonus round in Mega Fishing that increases your wins. After you have defeated the octopus, spin the wheel to discover a multiplier, which will increase your rewards. If the wheel falls on the GOLDEN WHEEL, you receive a further spin with the potential for even greater multipliers.

In Mega Fishing, special weapons such as torpedoes and railguns provide strategic advantages. Torpedoes boost your chances of catching high-value fish. Railguns cause chain lightning, which can catch and kill adjacent fish. Use these weapons wisely to increase your chances of winning.


Mega Fishing on the SuperAce88 platform provides an excellent fishing gaming experience that appeals to players of all skill levels and preferences. Mega Fishing promises an immersive adventure into a world of enjoyment and big prizes with its fascinating visuals and user-friendly interface. Cast your line into the thrilling waters of Mega Fishing on SuperAce88 and join the platform today to discover a world of limitless possibilities. Have fun fishing!

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