Boxing King Game Review 2023 Edition

Boxing King (Intro and review) superace88

Enter the thrilling world of Boxing King, a frenetic 5-reel, 88-payline slot game that promises nonstop excitement with every spin. This in-depth guide delves into the game’s distinguishing qualities. It offers important insights for beginners looking to master the gameplay. Discover the rules, how to play and other questions you might have about this game. We will walk and show you the deeper insights of this game. Get ready for an action-packed adventure on the SuperAce88 App.

What is Boxing King All About?

About Boxing King superace88

Boxing King is not your typical slot machine. It has some unique characteristics that will blow your mind! Imagine that every time you win in a succession, your prize increases by up to 8 times! There are also Free Games with extra spins and unique Wilds to help you win more. If you see Scatters, they will bring you Free Games and extra money! With 88 pay lines, Boxing King ensures that every spin is fascinating and makes you think. It is like a fun and strategic game that keeps you returning for more! So, are you ready to learn more about this fascinating game?

How to Play Boxing King?

How to Play Boxing King superace88

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to ace Boxing King. Use these instructions to boost your gameplay!

Spin the Reels

Begin by spinning the 5 reels and attempting to line up symbols across any of the 88 paylines.

Multiplier for Combinations

  • With each consecutive clear, the Combo Multiplier increases your scores.
  • Starts at x2 on the second clear and rises to x8 for the sixth or more.
  • If no points are won, the multiplier is reset to x2, and a new spin begins.

Free Games – Free Spin

  • Special symbols remain throughout Free Games until no more clear are achievable.
  • The number of symbols gathered determines the number of additional free games offered.
Symbols ObtainedFree Games Won
X11 round
X22 rounds
X33 rounds
X44 rounds
X55 rounds


  • Except for the Scatter and Free Spin symbols, wilds can substitute any other symbol.
  • In a normal game, it appears on the third and fourth reels, while in a free game, it appears on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels.


  • Three or more Scatters activate Free Games with a 2x bet payout.
  • Scatters do not appear during Free Games.
Scatter CountFree Games Won
38 rounds
412 rounds
520 rounds

Pay Table

Matching symbols along the 88 pay lines form winning combos in Boxing King’s pay table. The payment is determined by the specific combination, with greater multipliers resulting in larger wins.

A combination of 5 symbols yields a 5x multiplier. On the other hand, 4 symbols offer a 2x multiplier. The pay table details these multipliers for various symbol combinations. This gives players a clear picture of prospective rewards. Mastering the pay table means that you maximise your profits with each planned spin. Do not forget to check out the Slot guide.


  • Wins are determined by three consecutive symbols from the leftmost reel.
  • Multiplier x Player bet = Points won.
  • There are 88 paylines in total, with only the highest-scoring pay line being paid out.
  • Invalid games owing to errors are not considered.


The Combo Multiplier begins at x2 and increases with each consecutive clear. It reaches a maximum of x8 on the sixth or later clear, boosting points for each victory.

Free Games provide more spins until no more clears occur. The number of free spins, which can range from 1 to 5, is determined by special symbols.

Wilds, which appear on reels 3 and 4 in a normal game and increase during Free Games, substitute for most symbols.

Scatters activate Free Games when three or more occur, awarding players with two times their bet. There are no scatters during free games.

SuperAce88 offers a safe and easy-to-use platform. This assures a seamless gaming experience. It is the ideal location for Boxing King fans, with a varied selection of games and exciting bonuses.


Boxing King is a fascinating slot game with 88 pay lines that offers a unique blend of Combo Multipliers, Free Games, and strategic Wilds. SuperAce88 is the perfect location for both new and experienced gamers. We offer a flawless and safe platform for a top-notch gaming experience. Brace up and spin your way to victory in the fascinating world of Boxing King at SuperAce88!

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